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ETERNAL SENIA: The Little Game That Could

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Eternal Senia

We live in wonderful times: the availability of game-making software has made it possible for anybody to make their own games, if they have the desire and the drive. Which doesn’t meant that every “indie” game is going to be good. But sometimes, even with the most rudimentary tools, you can get something fun and memorable. This is the case with Eternal Senia.

Made by a Korean fan who goes by “Holy Priest” (he’s a self-confessed admirer of Christian iconography, as seen in this game) Senia is about a girl who was raised by a nun called Sister Magaleta after her village was slaughtered by demons. But one day, Magaleta disappeared into the sinister Tower of Eternity without even a word of explanation. Girding herself for battle, Senia decides to go look for her. Along the way, however, she is plagued by mysterious visions that hint at Magaleta having a dark secret. What can it be? And how will Senia react when she finds out?

The Story

Without giving too much away, this is the strongest part of the game. You really feel compelled to see Senia reunited with her beloved ‘Sis’ yet fear what will happen then. I can tell you without really spoiling anything that there’s three endings to this game- and none of them are 100% happy. It’s a very dramatic story. However, there are moments of comedy thanks to a certain sidekick that Senia picks on her way up the Tower. Note: the relationship between Senia and Magaleta is so intense it might give some people lesbian vibes- I’m not sure if that’s intended or not. I don’t care either way, I just mention it for those who might.

The Gameplay

This part was average. It’s your typical dungeon-crawler- with monster slaying, puzzle-solving and a few (optional) quests. It does feature a simple item-making system and a special-attack boosting system that added some fun. There literally are optional areas specifically for helping you build up Senia. Note that some Bosses have levels of difficulty that you can change before fighting them, so if you don’t feel like leveling up or making the best equipment just to beat them, just set them to Easy. HINT FOR THE BEST ENDING: There’s a certain item that breaks on your way up; you need to find a way to get it fixed before you reach the end. That’s all I’m saying.

Graphics and Sound FX


This is the weakest part of the game- which is understandable, given how it was made. Some of the Bosses do not even move! But don’t let the RPG Maker-style graphics fool you- they are used very cleverly and supplemented with full-sized character pictures for the story-telling segments, which look very good and help carry their intended impact. The music and sound FX were good, too. So yeah while not up to the heights of most modern games, Senia has a charm of its own. The translation has a few hiccups, but nothing major.

In Conclusion

Eternal Senia is hardly a groundbreaking game in any of the aspects mentioned above . It’s also short, even with the sidequests. But for a homemade game, it certainly is very well made and enjoyable. I recommend it to fans of Fantasy, Drama, and old-school video games Ala Legend of Zelda. You can download it For Free on STEAM.


Author: El Sijo

50 years old, male, single, from Puerto Rico.

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