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El Chapulin Colorado! (The Red Grasshopper)

El Chapulin Colorado is Mexico’s most successful (humorous) superhero. Created in the 70s by actor Roberto Gomez Bolaños, his show still runs in several countries. He even was the inspiration for The Simpson’s Bumblebee Man! I present him here in BASH (Basic Action Super Hero) game rules:ChapulinAnimado2015 2

Brawn 1 Agility 1 Mind 1 (6 pts.)
Danger Sense (Vinyl Antennas) (2 pts.)
Martial Arts Mastery (wrestling) (1 pt.)
Shrinking 3
(Limitation: Gadget- 6 Daily Charges) (“chiquitolina” pills) (2 pts.)
Special Attack 1 (+1 to Damage)
(Limitation: Gadget- Enhancement: Summon, Limitation: Easily Taken) (Squeaky Hammer) (1 pt.)
Dumb Luck
Rogues Gallery (The Drygut Gang)
Revolting Development (unlucky)
Mental Malfunction: Overconfident- Chapulin believes his own publicity; he thinks he can handle anything but is actually a scaredy cat (but will still help if needed.)
Total Points: 12
Background: El Chapulin (real name unknown) was just a humble Mexican countryman until he was chosen by a scientist who had decided Mexico needed its own super-hero. So he created gadgets for him and he went on to become famous across space and time (see Notes). Unfortunately the fame has gotten to his head and he often gets into more trouble than he can handle (except through sheer luck.)

*The original show was live action; the picture included here is from the 2015 animated show.
* “Chiquitolina” loosely translates as “Smalloline”.
* In the TV show El Chapulin summoned the hammer by whistling. I haven’t found a close enough BASH equivalent so I I’m ignoring it for now (it’s mostly a joke anyway.)
* Chapulin’s Headquarters has never been shown, only mentioned. See also below.
* Chapulin’s adventures took place even across space and time- he can appear anywhere that he’s called (AND if he’s truly needed.) I’m assuming this is a function of his HQ somehow.
*Drygut is a gangster; not only has Chapulin met him more than once, he once met him in the Old West (an ancestor?)
*Yes, Chapulin has both good and bad luck. Most of the time he makes a fool of himself, until he *needs* to win.
* His Point Value is low but he is very weak. He should get plenty of starting Hero Points as a result, thought.

*In some stories, Chapulin has an extra Gadget, “La Chicharra Paralizadora” (The Paralizing Horn) a bicycle horn with the power to freeze things in place. Treat it as Immobilization Level 5, Range 1, Linked to Daze 2 (Range 1), Limitation: Gadget (Easily Taken) Total value 10 points.