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Steven Universe: Now in RPG rules!

I have already covered the Steven Universe animated series in my blog before. Now that many secrets have been revealed about Steven and the Gems, I feel ready to adapt them in Basic Action Super Hero terms. Spoiler warnings for those who haven’t seen the show yet, of course!
Brawn 2 Agility 2 Mind 1 – 10 pointsSteven_Shield
Deflect (force shield) 3 pts.
Force Field 5 [Area (Medium Burst) +2 pts.] 7 pts.
Life 10 (price: random activation) 20 pts.
Shape-Shifting <Random, -1 pt.> 3 pts.
Vulnerability (to having his gem damaged) -2 pts.
Headquarters (Rose’s secret armory)
Instant Change (Into Stevonnie)
Membership (in the Crystal Gems) Perks: Advanced Research, Backup (super powered, 4 perk points), Headquarters (super base, 3 pp), Influence (limited, 0 pp). Drawbacks: Clandestine, Enemy (Homeworld Gems). Final cost 6 perk points.
Pet (Lion)
Sidekick (Connie)
Age (minor)
Arch-Enemy (Jasper)
Hidden Powers
In a Relationship (with Connie)
Mental Malfunction: Trusting- Steven is a very nice kid who likes helping people. He even gives those who others would not trust (like Peridot) a chance. By that same token though, he’s been tricked several times.
Point Value: 41
Steven is the son of Greg Universe (a car wash owner from Beach City) and Rose Quartz, the leader of a group of alien warriors called the Crystal Gems. However his mother and him could not coexist (apparently he needed her gemstone to survive) so she “discorporated”. Steven was then raised by the other Gems in their temple, to which his father agreed because he “did not get that magic stuff.” Greg is a presence in Steven’s life, though he tends to be a free-range child (he doesn’t even go to school) as the Gems care little for normal human affairs.

Steven has slowly been discovering and mastering his powers; there might still be more to find.

He also found a pink, magical Lion that attached itself to him. While it seems it has a connection to Rose, even the other Gems do not know its origins yet.

Eventually Steven met a Hindu Girl named Connie. They have grown very close, to the point Steven can fuse with her (a basic Gem ability) into a being called Stevonnie. They have also trained a lot to fight together, Connie using her sword skills and Steven his Shield power.

Recently, Steven learned that the Gems came to Earth to prevent their own people from despoiling it thousands of years ago. They won, but could never return to their homeworld afterwards. Currently, other Gems have shown up and attacked them; while the good Gems won, their threat still looms over Earth.


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El Santo, “The Silver-Masked One”

Unlike other heroes I have been writing about, El Santo was was based on a real person: Mexican wrestler Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, who also starred in a series of movies. His iconic on-stage persona was also adapted in comic book form for 35 years! He inspired other wrestlers to follow in his steps as an actor as well. He died in 1984, but his legacy is still felt both in the wrestling circuit and in Latinoamerican culture.

This is my description of the movie version of him in Basic Action Super Hero terms:

Brawn 2 Agility 2 Mind 1 (10 points)2060065-santonewcomicks7
Martial Arts Mastery (Defensive, Grappling, and Tricky styles) 2 pts.
Rogue’s Gallery
Secret (identity)
Athletics/Acrobatics (x 3 skill multiplier)
Mental Malfunction: Sense of Honor- Santo lived by the “wrestler’s code.” He would not reveal his face unless beaten in a (fair) fight, and was an honorable man who felt it was his duty to use his skills to fight injustice.
Point Value: Stats 10, Powers 2 = 12 points
A mysterious wrestler who swore never to take his mask off unless he was beaten in combat, “El Santo” (The Saint) also began helping the authorities to investigate mysteries and fight crime. Over the years he would fight everything from gangsters to mad scientists to vampires!


Fantomas, “The Elegant Menace”

The character of Fantomas first appeared in a series of novels during the turn of the 20th century. That version of the character was a masked criminal, who not only enjoyed robbing but also killing as well! Despite this the character was quite popular and has been adapted into movies and comics books.

However in the 70s, a Mexican comic book featured a more heroic version. This Fantomas was still a thief, but only for thrills, and not only he wasn’t a murderer, he actually helped people. It was a very popular and well written series, often touching on controversial subjects such as Nazism and drug trafficking. Eventually his adventures got more spy-like, and later, he got into science-fiction as well.

This is my description of the character in Basic Action Super Hero terms:

Brawn 2 agility 2 Mind 2 (12 points)Fantomas-la-amenaza-elegante-las-mejores-aventuras-hm4-10224-MLM20026381903_012014-F
Martial Arts Mastery (Tricky Style) 1 pt.
Mentor (Professor Semo)
Arch-Enemy (Baron Fog)
On the Run
Secret (identity)
Athletics/Climbing (x 3 skill multiplier)
Security/Disabling Security Alarms and Cameras
Mental Malfunction: Thrill-Seeker- Originally, Fantomas stole things for the challenge of it. Later on he preferred to solve mysteries.

Total Cost: 13 points
The man who would become Fantomas was raised in an orphanage. He was unhappy there, so much so that he began wearing a mask to hide his face. He ever only showed it to a girl he liked there.

As an adult, he became a cat burglar, stealing rare artifacts. He was so successful he was nicknamed “The Elegant Menace”. The Sureté (French police) was obsessed with getting him, especially one Inspector Gerard, but they were never able to.

Eventually Fantomas got so rich, he was able to fund his own spy organization, mostly to case potential targets for him. The top 12 agents were all beautiful women code-named after the signs of the zodiac.

He also befriended Professor Semo, a quirky genius inventor who would provide him with advanced technology.

His deadliest enemy is Baron Fog, a mad scientist/sorcerer who is obsessed with destroying him and has the power to tun into literal fog.

Possibly the greatest menace he faced was the Son of Hitler and his Fourth Reich, who actually conquered Paris and instituted a Second Holocaust!

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Kaliman the Incredible Man

Originally a character from a Cuban Radio show in the 60’s, Kaliman, an “Eastern Mystic” hero in the same vein as The Shadow or The Phantom, became a huge success in Latino America. He has had a long career as a comic book character and even starred in a couple of movies.

According to the comics, Kaliman is “the 7th descendant of the 7th dynasty” of the Goddess Kali, as was therefore foretold to be a hero. Raised in the goddess’ temple, he learned ‘the secrets of the mind and the body’ and then swore an oath to travel around the world fighting Injustice. During one of his first adventures, he met an egyptian boy named Solin, who became his ward and sidekick.

Here is my attempt to describe Kaliman in Basic Action Superhero rules.

Brawn 3 Agility 3 Mind 2 (16 pts.)kaliman__el_hombre_increible__by_jesonite


Astral Projection [Linked to Invisibility +2 pts.] 6 pts.

Changeling <only to turn into an old man, -1 pt.> 1 pt.

Immobilization 1 <Gadget [blowgun- Easily Taken, Fragile, Single Use], Only Affects Living Beings> 1 pt.

Immunity (to suffocation) <Situational- only while pretending to be dead> (“Actus Mortis”) 1pt.

Invisibility 3 [3 pts.]

Martial Arts Mastery (Defensive, Grappling, and Tricky styles) 3 pts.

Suggestion [1 pt.]

Telepath 3 [3 pts.]


 Damaging Weakness to using the Actus Mortis for more than 5 minutes -2 pts.





Duty (to the Temple of Kali)

Rogue’s Gallery

Ward (Solin)





Social Science/History


Mental Malfunction: Philosopher- Kaliman isn’t only a paladin-like do-gooder, he’s always spouting bits of philosophy to explain his actions (usually to Solin.)

Point Value: stats 16 + powers 19 – weakness 2 = 33