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Kaliman the Incredible Man

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Originally a character from a Cuban Radio show in the 60’s, Kaliman, an “Eastern Mystic” hero in the same vein as The Shadow or The Phantom, became a huge success in Latino America. He has had a long career as a comic book character and even starred in a couple of movies.

According to the comics, Kaliman is “the 7th descendant of the 7th dynasty” of the Goddess Kali, as was therefore foretold to be a hero. Raised in the goddess’ temple, he learned ‘the secrets of the mind and the body’ and then swore an oath to travel around the world fighting Injustice. During one of his first adventures, he met an egyptian boy named Solin, who became his ward and sidekick.

Here is my attempt to describe Kaliman in Basic Action Superhero rules.

Brawn 3 Agility 3 Mind 2 (16 pts.)kaliman__el_hombre_increible__by_jesonite


Astral Projection [Linked to Invisibility +2 pts.] 6 pts.

Changeling <only to turn into an old man, -1 pt.> 1 pt.

Immobilization 1 <Gadget [blowgun- Easily Taken, Fragile, Single Use], Only Affects Living Beings> 1 pt.

Immunity (to suffocation) <Situational- only while pretending to be dead> (“Actus Mortis”) 1pt.

Invisibility 3 [3 pts.]

Martial Arts Mastery (Defensive, Grappling, and Tricky styles) 3 pts.

Suggestion [1 pt.]

Telepath 3 [3 pts.]


 Damaging Weakness to using the Actus Mortis for more than 5 minutes -2 pts.





Duty (to the Temple of Kali)

Rogue’s Gallery

Ward (Solin)





Social Science/History


Mental Malfunction: Philosopher- Kaliman isn’t only a paladin-like do-gooder, he’s always spouting bits of philosophy to explain his actions (usually to Solin.)

Point Value: stats 16 + powers 19 – weakness 2 = 33


Author: El Sijo

50 years old, male, single, from Puerto Rico.

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