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Fantomas, “The Elegant Menace”


The character of Fantomas first appeared in a series of novels during the turn of the 20th century. That version of the character was a masked criminal, who not only enjoyed robbing but also killing as well! Despite this the character was quite popular and has been adapted into movies and comics books.

However in the 70s, a Mexican comic book featured a more heroic version. This Fantomas was still a thief, but only for thrills, and not only he wasn’t a murderer, he actually helped people. It was a very popular and well written series, often touching on controversial subjects such as Nazism and drug trafficking. Eventually his adventures got more spy-like, and later, he got into science-fiction as well.

This is my description of the character in Basic Action Super Hero terms:

Brawn 2 agility 2 Mind 2 (12 points)Fantomas-la-amenaza-elegante-las-mejores-aventuras-hm4-10224-MLM20026381903_012014-F
Martial Arts Mastery (Tricky Style) 1 pt.
Mentor (Professor Semo)
Arch-Enemy (Baron Fog)
On the Run
Secret (identity)
Athletics/Climbing (x 3 skill multiplier)
Security/Disabling Security Alarms and Cameras
Mental Malfunction: Thrill-Seeker- Originally, Fantomas stole things for the challenge of it. Later on he preferred to solve mysteries.

Total Cost: 13 points
The man who would become Fantomas was raised in an orphanage. He was unhappy there, so much so that he began wearing a mask to hide his face. He ever only showed it to a girl he liked there.

As an adult, he became a cat burglar, stealing rare artifacts. He was so successful he was nicknamed “The Elegant Menace”. The Sureté (French police) was obsessed with getting him, especially one Inspector Gerard, but they were never able to.

Eventually Fantomas got so rich, he was able to fund his own spy organization, mostly to case potential targets for him. The top 12 agents were all beautiful women code-named after the signs of the zodiac.

He also befriended Professor Semo, a quirky genius inventor who would provide him with advanced technology.

His deadliest enemy is Baron Fog, a mad scientist/sorcerer who is obsessed with destroying him and has the power to tun into literal fog.

Possibly the greatest menace he faced was the Son of Hitler and his Fourth Reich, who actually conquered Paris and instituted a Second Holocaust!


Author: El Sijo

50 years old, male, single, from Puerto Rico.

2 thoughts on “Fantomas, “The Elegant Menace”

  1. Hi, great article, just a small correction Fantomas archebnemy should be Baron Fog, not Dr. Fog.


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