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El Santo, “The Silver-Masked One”

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Unlike other heroes I have been writing about, El Santo was was based on a real person: Mexican wrestler Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, who also starred in a series of movies. His iconic on-stage persona was also adapted in comic book form for 35 years! He inspired other wrestlers to follow in his steps as an actor as well. He died in 1984, but his legacy is still felt both in the wrestling circuit and in Latinoamerican culture.

This is my description of the movie version of him in Basic Action Super Hero terms:

Brawn 2 Agility 2 Mind 1 (10 points)2060065-santonewcomicks7
Martial Arts Mastery (Defensive, Grappling, and Tricky styles) 2 pts.
Rogue’s Gallery
Secret (identity)
Athletics/Acrobatics (x 3 skill multiplier)
Mental Malfunction: Sense of Honor- Santo lived by the “wrestler’s code.” He would not reveal his face unless beaten in a (fair) fight, and was an honorable man who felt it was his duty to use his skills to fight injustice.
Point Value: Stats 10, Powers 2 = 12 points
A mysterious wrestler who swore never to take his mask off unless he was beaten in combat, “El Santo” (The Saint) also began helping the authorities to investigate mysteries and fight crime. Over the years he would fight everything from gangsters to mad scientists to vampires!


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