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Pearl (Steven Universe)

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Continuing with my adaptations of Steven Universe characters in Basic Action Super Hero game rules, we now turn to my favorite Crystal Gem, Pearl!

Background: Pearl is a member of a race of sentient, shapeshifting alien gems. Specifically, she’s a Pearl, part of a class of pretty servants. When she came to Earth thousands of years ago, she learned the concept of knighthood (from some unknown civilization) and became sworn to protect Rose Quartz. She sided with her against the Gems who wanted to plunder the planet’s mineral resources. They won, but were exiled on Earth. Although she missed outer space, she was happy to be with Rose.
But then, about a decade ago, Rose fell in love with Greg Universe. Pearl became jealous, but tried to think of it as just a fleeting distraction.
And then Rose died giving birth to Steven.
We don’t yet know the details of Pearl’s reaction to that. We do know however, that Steven reminds her of Rose, and she considers him “her baby”.
Unlike most Pearls, this one is both a great warrior and a prodigious inventor. She’s also a perfectionist who can be too strict with others, and even with herself.

Brawn 3 Agility 2 Mind 3 (16 pts.)Pearl
Cloud Mastery 2 <Narrow theme, -1 pt.> 1 pt.
Computer Interface 4 <only Gem technology -1 pt; touch range +1 Hero Point> 3 pts.
Duplication 2 (Original, +2 pts.) 4 pts.
Healing 1 (1 pt.)
Immunity 2 (starvation, suffocation, lack of sleep) 3 pts.
Light Mastery 1 (1 pt.)
Shapeshifting (4 pts.) <Limited Duration, -1 pt.> 3 pts.
Special Attack 1 (+1 DM with Mind, Close Range, 2 pts.) <Gadget, Easily Taken (Spear) -1 pt.>, {Concentration + Extra Effect, 0 pts.} “Fireball” (1 pt.)
Water Walking (1 pt.)
Weapon Technique (+1 to hit with all spears) 1 pt.
Weapon Technique (+1 to hit with swords) 1 pt.
Vulnerability to damage on her gem (-2 pts.)
Headquarters (The Barn)
Instant Change (into Alexandrite, must fuse with Amethyst and Garnet)
Instant Change (into Opal, must fuse with Amethyst)
Instant Change (into Sardonyx, must fuse with Garnet)
Membership (in the Crystal Gems)
Pocket Dimension
Arch Enemy (Jasper)
Performance/Dance (x 3 Skill Multiplier)
Social Science/History
Mental Malfunction- Perfectionist
Equipment– 2 spears [Summon (Gadget-spear) 1 pt.] 2 pts.
Breakdown- Stats 16 + Powers 20 – Weakness 2 + Equipment 2 = 36 pts.

Hero Points: +1
Setbacks: + 6


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