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Garnet in BASH

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And now I turn to the Crystal Gems’ current leader, Garnet! (Again, in Basic Action Super Hero game rules.)
Background: Garnet is actually the fusion of two other Gems, the short-tempered Ruby and the kind Sapphire. While Gems usually only fuse as a combat option, these two have such a close relationship they stay fused most of the time. (Note: despite their similarity to human females, all Gems are genderless.)

Garnet aided Rose Quartz and Pearl during the war against those Gems that would use the Earth as a breeding ground for their kind regardless of its effects on the planet. They won, but there was a lot of death as a result; the gem monsters the Crystal Gems fight may come from the remnants of those Gems.

After Rose passed away, Garnet became the default leader of the team (despite Pearl’s protests that they are all equal). One of her main concerns is that Steven be raised properly.

Her power to see possible futures is both a blessing and a curse; note that if she doesn’t know all the facts, her visions will be imperfect (for example her not knowing it was Pearl rather than Peridot who kept rebuilding the latter’s communications tower kept her from seeing it in her visions.)
Brawn 4 Agility 2 Mind 2 (16 points)Garnet
Armor 1 (1 pt.)
Clairvoyance (future) (1 pt.)
Electricity Mastery 1 (1 pt.)
Gadget Bundle (Gauntlets) <Ammunition (Burn-Out) -1 pt.> [Summon Gadget, +1 pt.][Multi-power] (120 Hits, 60 Soak) (final cost 4 pts.)
* Deflect 2 (1 pt.)
* Growth 2 <arms only -1 pt.> (2 pt.)
* Special Attack 1 (+1 to Dam with Brawn, Touch Range) (1 pt.)
* Special Attack 1 (+1 to Dam with Brawn, Close Range, 2 pts.) <loses use of hands -1> (1 pt.) (rocket gauntlets)
Healing 1 (1 pt.)
Imbue 1 <Clairvoyance only -1 pt.> (1 pt.)
Immunity (to heat, starvation, sleep deprivation, and asphyxiation) 4 pts.
Shapeshifting (4 pts.) <Limited Duration, -1 pt.> 3 pts.
Vulnerability to damage on her gem (-2 pts.)
Alter Ego (Ruby and Sapphire)
Instant Change (into Alexandrite, must fuse with Amethyst and Pearl)
Instant Change (into Sardonyx, must fuse with Pearl)
Instant Change (into Sugilite, must fuse with Amethyst)
Instant Change (splits into Ruby and Sapphire)
Membership (leader of the Crystal Gems)
Pocket Dimension
Arch Enemy (Jasper)
Freak (three-eyed)
In a Relationship (Ruby and Sapphire)
Perform/Play Instrument (keytar)
Mental Malfunction: Intuitive- Garnet’s quiet demeanor may be due to letting herself be guided by her visions
Breakdown: Stats 16 + Powers 16 – Weakness 2 = 30

Setbacks: +3

Special thanks to the Steven Universe Wiki, which has been an invaluable reference source!


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