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Amethyst in BASH

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And now for the last (current) member of the crystal Gems: the outrageous Amethyst!

Background: Unlike the other Crystal Gems, Amethyst was “born” on Earth- specifically, on “The Kindergarten”, a facility for making Quartz-class warriors. But something wrong happened and she came out smaller than she was supposed to be; apparently because of that, she was abandoned there. By the time she woke up, the place was empty. The Crystal Gems found her, and she’s been with them ever since.

Amethyst is the Gem who likes to interact the most with humans; she used to be a close friend of Greg until some incident happened (rumored to be her having shape-shifted into Rose to play a prank on him.) She also turned out to be a friend of Vidalia, the mother of Onion (the strange little boy who pesters Steven.)

Amethyst has a devil-may-care attitude that may actually be a way to hide the insecurities she feels over her origins. Recently learning that she was a “defective” Gem in particular hurt her feelings. She also chafes under the authority of Garnet and Pearl, and has been known to do everything from joining Steven in his shenanigans to running away from home.

Brawn 3 Agility 2 Mind 1 (12 points)Amethyst_and_Whip_2


Healing 1 (1 pt.)

Immunity (asphyxiation, lack of sleep, starvation) (1pt.)

Martial Arts Mastery (Grappling Style) (1 pt.)

Shapeshifting (4 pts.) <Concentration, -1 pt.> (3 pts.)

Special Attack (explosion)(+1 to Dam, Close Range, 2 pts.)[ Small Burst 1 pt.] <Gadget (whips) Easily Taken, -1 pt.> (2 pts.)

Trample (spin dash) (3 pts.)

Weapon Technique (+1 to Dam with whips) (1 pt.)


Vulnerability to damage on her gem (-2)



Instant Change (into Alexandrite, must fuse with Garnet and Pearl)

Instant Change (Into Opal, must fuse with Pearl)

Instant Change (into Sugilite, must fuse with Garnet)

Membership (in the Crystal Gems)

Pocket Dimension


Arch Enemy (Jasper)

Freak (purple skin)



Perform/Play instrument (drums)

Mental Malfunction: Overcompensationwild behavior to cover insecurities

Equipment: two whips [Summon Gadget (whips) 1 pt.] (2 pts.)

Breakdown: Stats 12 + Powers 12 – Weakness 2 + Equipment 2 = 24 pts.

Setbacks: +3

This is the last Steven Universe conversion I’m doing for now, I have some other stuff I want to work on. However I’ll definitely continue soon, probably when the new episodes start airing. Hope you have enjoyed reading this! (and kudos to the people behind Basic Action Super Heroes for such a great game!)


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50 years old, male, single, from Puerto Rico.

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