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Roleplayers! #3 and #4


Roleplyers #3

I now continue with my reviews of the comic book series about the misadventures of a group of role-playing game fans. (For the reviews of issues #1 and #2, see my earlier entries in the blog.)

Issue no. 3 is a “Special Cosplay Issue” (for those who don’t know, ‘Cosplay’ is short for ‘Costume Play’) and was actually made with help from two real-life Cosplayers. The story takes place a week after last issue, and Elliot and Sally are still mad at each other (after the latter killed the former’s character in-game for being mean to her.) The group decides to visit a Cosplay Convention, where Cassie befriends a somewhat overweight cosplayer. A sexy cosplayer insults her new friend, saying she ruins her character, but is rebuked by Cassie and, surprisingly, Elliot and Sally . Turns out the two had something in common after all: both were bullied as kids. They make up, but the bitchy cosplayer swears revenge.

Roleplayers #4

In issue no. 4, Cassie befriends a guy she likes from Acting Class and invites him over to role play along her friends. What she doesn’t know (but we the readers do, so this isn’t a spoiler) is that he’s the brother of the girl she “offended” last issue. In the game, the party sets out to find a way to resurrect Elliot’s character, and they find a female half-orc (played by the new guy- remember, all characters in this game must be women!) whom they rescue and she joins the group. Then they beat a necromancer, but she betrays the group, kills one of the player characters  and then reveals who he really is!

Opinions: Issue #3 has been my favorite so far. Not only it was good exposition about Cosplaying, but it also dealt with issues of body image, which are very important but seldom touched upon.

Issue #4, however, I found confusing. I mean, what exactly do the ‘bad guys’ think they achieved? The game characters aren’t real, killing them does nothing (in fact, in real life if a player intentionally ruined a game session, most likely he’d get thrown out of the game and the play called out as null.) The only real harm was to Cassie’s feelings, and I would be disappointed if she let it hurt her for long, she’s a smart and strong female character.

The best part of both issues, however, was as usual, the art. Derek Chua is great both at depicting the real world and the fantasy one, and while there’s plenty of cheesecake in the series, the realistic girls are also attractive.

Roleplayers is an Irrational Comics production and I recommend it for fans of RPGs, comics, comedy and drama. You can find it at: irrationalcomics.wordpress.com


Author: El Sijo

50 years old, male, single, from Puerto Rico.

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