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El Charro de las Calaveras (The Rider of the Skulls)

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el-charro-de-las-calaveras-aka-the-rider-of-skulls-mexican-poster-dagoberto-rodriquez-1965I’ve been meaning to watch this 1965 Mexican movie for a long time now and I finally got the chance to do so. It combines several genres that were popular in the region at the time it was made: charros (Mexican cowboys), monsters (inspired by those from American movies) and masked heroes (like their own professional wrestlers.)

El Charro himself rips off Batman’s origin- he’s an orphan whose parents were killed by criminals, so now he wears a black suit with skulls on it and a mask to fight evil “because Justice has no face”. O… kay. At least Batman still has a secret identity. Not that it really matters; Charro just goes around with that thing on and nobody reacts to it at all. But that is the *least* weird thing about this movie, trust me.

The story itself is actually three separate adventures, in which Charro battles, in order, a werewolf, a vampire and a headless horseman. Why this format? I have no idea. You get the impression this was a pilot for a series of movies or a TV show. If so I don’t think it succeeded.

This is definitely a B-Movie, of the kind that’s not intentionally silly (except for a few moments with some of Charro’s friends) but because of a general lack of talent involved- and REALLY terrible SFX. It’s a pity, because there are actually a few thrilling moments that would have worked if the rest hadn’t been so bad. Still, B-Movies have their fans, who love them on their own terms. If you’re curious about what Mexican movies were like in the 60’s, check this one out. Note: black & white film.

Recommended for: fans of B-Movies, horror, westerns, and superheroes.


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