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Mission: Magic!

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And now for something really obscure: an animated series from 1973, about a teacher who takes her students on adventures across space and time. (No, not the Magic School Bus, although there are similarities.) It was made by Filmation, the same company that later made He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The show is remembered today mostly for starring (sort of) real-life Australian singer Rick Springfield.

I saw this series as a child (dubbed into Spanish) and I had no idea about most of these facts back then, though I got the impression this Springfield fellow was supposed to be someone famous. In any case, I only saw a few episodes (or at least, I only remember a few- it’s been over 40 years!) so please excuse me if I get anything wrong. I had to do some fact-checking online first in fact.

Anyway, the show is about one Miss Tickle (Mys… tical.. I get it now!) a High School teacher who is also a witch (though all of her powers seemed to come from stuff she carried- for example, her magic portals were created with a piece of chalk, she brought her cat statuette Tut-Tut to life using a ring, etc.) and, for some reason that was never clear to me, every time she was contacted for help by Rick (who didn’t seem to be a witch himself, so I have no idea how he got involved in these things) she brought her class along. Kinda irresponsible, no? Especially as she rarely seemed to need their help. The whole thing was obviously an adventure/comedy in the style of Scooby-Doo! except with real magic. I did like the designs and ideas, though. Everything about this show was very “Seventish” especially the music- Rick would *always* sing a song in every episode. Even at that age I could tell the show was at least in part meant to “sell” him.

There was a DVD released in 2007 with all 16 episodes and lots of interviews and other information.

Recommended for fans of animation, fantasy, comedy, adventure and the 70’s.


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One thought on “Mission: Magic!

  1. I seem to remember Miss Tickle looking kinda hot.


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