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Bikini Warriors

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bikini warriors

This is my first ever review of a “for Mature Audiences” series, so be forewarned.

Actually, other than some (censored) nudity and a few gross molestation jokes (but not true rape) there isn’t much “mature” content here. In fact it’s mainly a comedy.

As you can guess from the title, Bikini Warriors is about a group of adventurers in a Fantasy World who all happen to be (extremely sexy) women and all wear bikini-like outfits. This is because these are actually highly effective armors. Yeah that doesn’t make much sense, but that’s the point- the series makes fun of certain traditions in old role-playing video games, such as the fact that the armor worn by female characters tended to be more revealing than those of male ones.

Every episode focuses on one of these “tropes” either showing why it is ridiculous, or having it have the consequences you’d expect of it in real life. For example, in one story the Warriors had no money to buy supplies, so they just walked into peoples’ houses and took their stuff! This used to happen in old games all the time; the reason was that the systems were too primitive to cover the reactions of ALL the characters in the game, and besides it was sort of given that the community wanted to help the heroes. Here of course, the townspeople eventually revolt against them.

The main characters (who are known only by their Character Class names) are: Fighter, a hot-headed redhead; Mage, a shy blue-haired magician; Paladin, a holy warrior who ironically is a covert pervert; and Dark Elf, who acts all superior but is far from being as good as she says.

The episodes are very short; only about 4 minutes each. Just enough time to set up the punchline and deliver it. But they are funny (if you get the references) and pretty to look at (and not just for the cheesecake! Not that I mind that, either.)

Though to be honest, I only bothered to check out Bikini Warriors because most of the other Animes I watch were on hiatus, and most of the rest seemed like more of the same. Still, it’s a fun way to kill time, and you can probably watch all the episodes in under an hour.

Recommended for: fans of cheesecake, Fantasy, parodies, and old video games.

NOT recommended for children or the easily offended!


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