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God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World


KonoSuba!, known in English as “God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World”, is a Japanese Animated parody of Fantasy Role Playing Video Games -specifically, of the ‘player becomes the hero’ genre. It’s not the first I’ve ever seen, but it is one of the funniest.

The main character is a teenager named Kazuma, who dies trying to save a girl from being hit by a truck- only to be mocked in the afterlife by a goddess named Aqua, since the girl wasn’t in danger at all! She then offers him a choice: either he can go to Heaven (which she claims is boring) or he can go to a Magical World and fight the Demon King for her. He may take with him anything he asks for. But then, much to her shock, he chooses HER! She has no choice but to accept.

It turns out this world runs by “video game rules”; for example, they both start as low-level adventurers and thus don’t even have enough money to pay for an inn! They are forced to form a party, but their two new members aren’t too useful- one, Megumin, is a Mage who only uses a very destructive spell- that leaves her so tired she can’t even walk afterward; the other is Darkness, a tough female warrior that cannot hit even an unmoving target and also happens to be a masochist.

And so begins a series of misadventures that are silly most of the time and unexpectedly serious at others. And I know what you’re thinking: one guy, three girls- this is a Harem Anime! Not quite. Not only there is no romance here, the main characters cannot stand each other at first. Though they do grow more friendly over time. They even specifically deconstruct this genre in one episode in which another Hero trades parties with Kazuma. Predictably, he comes to regret it.

 While not spectacular, I do recommend this series for being funny and well-written. The only warning I must give is that it does contain some naughty humor -there are jokes about stealing panties in some episodes, for example- but nothing major.

You can watch it subtitled on places like Crunchyroll.com


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Graboids in Basic Action Super Heroes!


The Graboids from the Tremors! movies are considered classic among modern monsters. Here I present them in BASH terms.

Background: The origin of the creatures nicknamed “Graboids” is still unknown. A fossil found dates them back to at least the Devonian period, but it is not known how they survived until the present or why they reappeared now.

The ‘Graboids’ are born from eggs and have three stages of life. The first is a giant sandworm; the second is a bipedal form called ‘Screamers’ and the third is a flying form nicknamed ‘Ass-Blasters’ because they use a type of jet propulsion from their tails. They also have ‘queens’ that watch over their nests.

The Graboids first appeared in modern times in an American Western town called Perfection during the 19th century. However their existence didn’t become public knowledge until they attacked the town again a few years ago. It was then they were named by locals.

The government declared a specific one, called El Blanco (Spanish for ‘The White One’) to be under protection for being sterile, but allowed the hunting of others. Since then the creatures have also surfaced in Mexico and South Africa.

A graboid -to say nothing of several- would be a good challenge for a Street Level Hero campaign. They might also fit in a Sci-Fi or even a Fantasy campaign.

Only the first stage is described here. I might do the rest later.


Brawn 3 Agility 1 Mind 1 (10 pts)

Hits 100


Armor 1 (hide) 1 pt

Burrowing 2 – 2 pts

Extra Limbs (tentacles) 1 pt

Size 3 <Reduced X: only 30′ long, -1 pt> 2 pts

Super Sense (senses vibrations) 1 pt.




Obtrusive (powerful stench)

Physically Challenged (blind)

Susceptibility (to loud noises)




Stats: 10 + Powers: 7 = 17 points