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Magical Girls in Basic Action Super Heroes!

“Magical Girls” have long been a staple in Japanese Animation. However they have also become popular around the world, and have influenced shows such as Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe and Winx. They are certainly worthy of being included in a BASH campaign, either as a NPC or even the focus of an Anime themed game.


magicalgirl by Sonia Leong18 Pts (8 Stats, 10 Powers)

The typical Magical Girl is a teenage girl who has been granted superhuman powers by someone or something to fight a specific evil, usually a group of magical villains and their minion monsters. Often a whole team of Magical Girls fight together.

Brawn 1 Agility 2 Mind 1


Special Attack (+3 with Mind Damage) [Close Range] <Casting> 3 pts

Martial Arts 1 (Defensive and Reckless styles) 1 pt

Weapon Technique (+1 to Hit with one weapon) 1 pt

Super Jump 1 (1 pt)

Restore 4 (4 pts)

Variations on a Theme:

-The Cute Witch is not a superhero; rather, she’s a student of magic, possibly in a school of magic or a Fantasy World. Substitute all Powers for X Mastery (Magic) with the Casting Limitation (and possibly a Gadget such as a Magic Wand) and Flight with the Limitation: Gadget (Broom, Easily Taken).

-The Magical Idol is either a Pop Idol who is secretly a Magical Girl, or a Magical Girl who uses her Powers to perform. Add Illusion 2 (Sight & Sound, for her shows.)

-Some Magical Girls are actually Princesses of a  magical realm. She could be a Cute Witch as well.

-The Dark Magical Girl is any of the above types, except she’s a Villain, often the Arch Enemy of the other types.

Recommended Advantages & Disadvantages:

Instant Change is required. Very common are Appeal and Sidekick/Pet (usually a talking animal). Mentor and Grimoire for the Witch. Celebrity for the Idol. Royalty for the Princess. Devoted Henchmen for the Dark Magical Girl.

Typical Disadvantages include Age (Youth), Normal and Rogue’s Gallery. If The Witch or The Princess are foreign to modern Earth, they should have Outsider. The Princess might also have to deal with rivals or usurpers (a Revolting Development) and the Dark Magical Girl might actually be the Alter Ego of an otherwise innocent girl.

Recommended Skills: Athletics/Acrobatics for the Magical Girl. Cute Witches get Occultism. Magical Idols get Perform (Singing and Dance, usually). Magic Princesses usually study Social Sciences/Law or History (of their Kingdoms). Dark Magical Girls get Deception/Any.


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Kyokai no Rin-Ne: Japan’s Ghostbuster


This 2015 Anime series is based on a Manga by Rumiko Takahashi, one of Japan’s greatest female artists. Like many of her series, this one features an ostensibly male protagonist, but female characters loom large as well. Humor and The Supernatural, also typical Takahashi story elements, are central to the show.

The story is about a teenage boy named Rinne. His grandfather married a Shinigami (soul collector) so he’s one in part as well. His job is to help spirits stuck on Earth due to their regrets to move on their next life. For that, he needs to buy magical items- and he’s broke. Enter Sakura, a girl who discovers his secret thanks to her ability to see ghosts. She basically gets him to let her come along on his cases in exchange for paying for the items he needs.

Not every ghost needs to be exorcised by force, though; in fact one of the good aspects of the show is how creative they get when helping the ghosts overcome their regrets. Sakura is also helpful in this, as she’s more empathic than Rinne.

Other notable characters include: Tamako, Rinne’s grandmother who looks young and HATES to be called grandma (always punishing the offender with a double-noogie); Rokumon, Rinne’s cat familiar who can change between cat, cat-with-human-face and Giant Flying Cat Head forms; and Tsubasa, a human exorcist who uses more violent methods than Rinne and has an unrequited crush on Sakura.

Curiously, for a Takahashi series there is no (immediate) romance (or romantic conflict) between the protagonists. In fact neither even considered the possibility until other people started messing with their lives. Still my money is that they will end up as a couple anyway.

This show is low on action but high in humor, clever ideas, and touching moments. I recommend it not just to Takahashi fans, but also fans of Anime, Humor, and Ghost Stories.