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EOOKrampminionInfra-RedCassie (1)TurkeyForgotten ChildrenKrampussuperkidsCentaurIMG_8488IMG_8449Welcome to my Art Files, where I will be posting art rather than articles, usually my own.

First we have two superheroes created by my friend Lizard of Aus, from England: Gold Beetle and Natter. I made them using the HeroMachine 3 website.

Gold Beetle


This is a piece I did while testing the Brazilian character generator Fabrica de Herois; I made a genie because I wanted to see what kind of Fantasy creatures I could make with it. Next to it is The Traveler, an old character of mine; he’s an Interdimensional Traveler who occasionally moonlights as a Super Hero. He was made with Hero Machine 2.5

Genie 2

Sijo The Traveler

This is my version of Access,  a character owned by both Marvel and DC; it was created for a series of special crossovers. I made him, appropriately enough, with Marvel.com’s own generator.

Next to him is my new Avatar, created at Rinmarugames.com

Access Sijo Pokemon Avatar

And this The Traveler, in his mundane identity.

The TravelerThe Traveler animated style

Here’s another variation , my d&D character, Simon Johns, unarmored and armored:

Simon JohnsSimon Johns in ArmorSimon V2

This is Will Martins, a character I made for a D&D campaign.Will Martins

WillMartins2   This is my 5th Edition D&D Character, Wilfryd Martinson;9138c3b1db228fb144c3ffcfa86c7b34Our Party

This is Ultra Violet, an original character: